1. Testing your email password & accessing your mailbox online.

The reason why you might want to do this is firstly, to be sure that your password is correct. Mail connections require lots of information for connection, and you want to be sure that your password is validated when setting up your email.

Secondly, this is useful because perhaps your computer is broken and you still need to send/receive email? No problem! Just log in, click on the view you want to use – we love Round Cube – and you can send and receive online.

To access your mailbox online you will provide your email address and your password only. If your password is correct, you will be able to send and receive email in an online portal (like Gmail works). Remember that this is YOUR ACTUAL MAILBOX and changes you make in this portal will be permanent!

This is what the login looks like. Just type in your email address and the password provided to you.

Click on the open button. (If you wish to skip this step in future, just tick the box for “Open my inbox when I log in”)

This is your own mailbox where you can work in the Webmail portal. 

*Note: If you wish to add an Out of Office response or auto-forward your mail to a colleague, you can click on “Webmail Home” and do that in the console.

2. Setting up your email.

3. Running Avast Anti-Virus Software

4. References and Links:

Anti-Virus: Download Avast here

5. Online Do's and Dont's

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